Sports & Culture


Importance of Sport & Culture

Sport and Culture activities are also an important part of our school curriculum. We currently offer five-a-side soccer, table tennis, horse riding, athletics, running club and netball.

Cultural activities include drama club, art club, social club, adventure club, science club, dance club and eisteddfod.

Certain FREE sports/cultural/environmental activities for our high school learners are also offered for FREE after school in the afternoons. E.g. Drama, singing, athletics, mountain biking, and more.

Our grade R and grade 1 learners participate in extra-mural enrichment activities which are offered FREE after classes Mondays to Fridays. Activities include ball skills and other sport activities, art, drama, music and environmental/eco studies such as growing vegetables in our school’s vegetable garden.


Visual & Performing Arts – The “A” in STEAM

Cultural Excellence

Academy Private School strives to be a centre of cultural excellence. At Academy Private School, every student has the opportunity to explore their creative potential through an array of exciting cultural experiences. Academy Private School places a great emphasis on creativity both in and outside of the classroom.

Academy Private School offers an array of competitive and enrichment opportunities that allow for student expression and creative teamwork at both junior and senior levels. Students are encouraged to grow and expand on their individual creative potential.

Subject Design

Academy Private School’s Senior Creative Academic offering/subject is Design.

Design teaches students very valuable skills that will prepare them for the world and a wide variety of careers in the future. In other words, design helps to develop skills that can help a student to navigate a very complex world.

Many popular professions of today were completely unheard of 10 years ago. One can only imagine what the career landscape would look like in 10 years time. It is believed that there are going to be many more professions that we cannot even imagine today. Within the context of such an uncertain future it is vital that the new generation is equipped with skills that can empower them to manage complex and unfamiliar situations/conditions with more ease and confidence. Design and creative activities can be the vehicle to develop such skills that can help the future generation to manage an uncertain future.

Arts Programme

Academy Private School encourages additional participation in its extensive Arts Programme.

This programme includes Drama and Acting, Public Speaking, Debating, various Music instruments, Drumming, Choir, Visual Art, Arts & Crafts, Design (Computer Aided Design), Photography and Dance (Contemporary Hip Hop). We believe that every student should experience Academy Private School’s Cultural Programme. This is why our school offers participation of all students during school hours in a compulsory cultural period every Friday.

Competitively, Academy Private School students participate in the Eisteddfod, art competitions, music competitions and more.


Primary School Sport & Cultural Activities

Extramurals: Grades 3 to 7

(Extramurals are offered depending on the demand and the minimum number of participants are met)

1. Mountain Biking7. Mathematics
2. Horse Riding8. Social Club (outreach to charities)
3. Athletics9. Music Club
4. Art & Crafts Club10. Dance Club (participate in Eisteddfod)
5. Drama Club (participate in Eisteddfod)11. Chess
6. Environmental/Eco Club12. Quizz Team (Competitions)

Most of our cultural clubs are offered free in the afternoons after school and are included in the school fees (excludes materials e.g. art materials for projects which may be needed and must be purchased by the student).

Sports offered that require a monthly fee to be paid:

  1. Five-a-side Soccer (Wednesdays: 14:30-17:30); Game: Friday or Saturday monthly
  2. Karate (Wednesdays: 13:50-14:30)
  3. Soccer Stars (Thursdays: 8:00-9:00)
  4. Musical Rascals/Djembe Beatz Drumming (Tuesdays: 13:50-14:30)
  5. Horse Riding (1 Hour lesson. Days depend on the afternoon timetable availability)

Further sports and cultural activities are available depending on demand per term.

E.g. Photography, robotics, music instruments and more.