Academy Private School

About Us

Ethos, Vision, Mission & Values

Academy Private School is dedicated to unlocking the potential of every student, ensuring they achieve personal success and become responsible citizens. The school’s comprehensive education focuses on individual abilities and chosen goals, fostering critical thinking, technology skills, and lifelong learning.

This is achieved through an optimal learning environment, a balanced curriculum, and qualified, integrity-driven educators. The school values safety, affirmation, discipline, respect, and cultural acceptance in creating a nurturing educational community.

Future Focused Education

Academy Private School equips students with 21st-century knowledge and skills, empowering them to make a meaningful impact on local, national, and global scales. Their innovative, student-centered learning environment, driven by cutting-edge technology, prepares students for success in a competitive global economy.

The integration of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) into the curriculum underscores its importance in various disciplines and everyday life. This approach cultivates innovation, critical thinking, and the development of new technologies, preparing students to thrive as 21st-century innovators and leaders

School Achievements

Academy Private School has consistently maintained high pass rates, receiving awards from the WCED for achieving 90% – 100% overall pass rates and notable improvements in subject pass rates, particularly in Physical Sciences. Additionally, their students have excelled academically, earning A symbols and pursuing prestigious courses at top universities and colleges. In the realm of sports, several students have earned provincial and national colours, showcasing the school’s holistic approach to education.

In 2022, the school was once again recognized for maintaining a 100% pass rate, with one of their top students, Tumi, receiving a special award for her outstanding achievements.

e-Books And Technology Requirements

Introduction to eBooks

Academy Private School embraced the eRevolution in 2014.

Since January 2014, all high school class textbooks are exclusively available as eBooks for classroom use.

Parents are responsible for acquiring the relevant grade eBooks from the school’s Online eBook store and ensuring they are properly loaded onto the student’s tablet or laptop.

Available Grades for Ebooks

Grades 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 eBooks can be purchased online.

Purchasing Options

eBooks can be bought with either a 1-year license or a perpetual license.

The 1-year license comes at a significantly reduced price, sometimes less than half the regular cost, providing access for 1 year from the date of purchase.

For indefinite access, the perpetual license is available at the full price of the eBook.


All high school students (including grade 7s starting January 2021) must have a tablet PC or laptop for daily classroom use.

The recommended device is an Asus Chromebook C204.

It’s essential that parents ensure their child’s Chromebook, tablet PC, or laptop meets the minimum specifications for effective use.

Minimum Specifications:

  • AMD Dual-Core/Intel i3
  • 4GB RAM Memory
  • 32GB Storage Capacity
  • Bluetooth, WiFi, USB Port/SD card reader
  • 8 Hours battery life

Why Chromebooks?

  1. Versatility in Learning: Chromebooks support a wide range of educational applications and software, enabling students to engage in various learning activities, from coding to content creation.
  2. Integration with Google Suite: They seamlessly integrate with Google’s suite of educational tools, facilitating collaborative projects, document creation, and seamless communication.
  3. Cost-Efficient: Chromebooks are generally more budget-friendly than traditional laptops or tablets, allowing schools to invest in more devices, ensuring greater accessibility for students.
  4. Easy Management for Educators: They can be centrally managed by teachers and administrators, making it straightforward to monitor student activities, distribute assignments, and ensure a secure online environment.
  5. Cloud-Based Storage: With Chromebooks, students can easily save and access their work in the cloud, reducing the risk of lost assignments and allowing for seamless transitions between devices.
  6. Focus on Collaboration: Chromebooks are designed to encourage collaboration, allowing students to work together on projects, share ideas, and learn from one another.

Learn more about our Robotic STEAM Education programme, view our online uniform store, learn how to download the prescribed eBooks and login to ChildCloud on E-Campus

Good Education Starts With Great Teachers

Academy Private School is managed by a Board of Directors together with the School Management Team. The Executive Directors, the school’s Principal and the school’s Phase Heads make up the members of the School Management Team

Our School Principal:

Mrs Jennifer Schnepper

School Principal

Phase Heads

Ms Lize Uys

Head of the Foundation Phase (Gr.R-3)

Mrs Lana Barends

Head of the FET Phase (Gr.10-12)


Pre-Primary Teacher:

Ms Leoné Robertson

Grade RR & R

Primary School Teachers

Foundation Phase (Gr.1-3)

Ms Chrisri Mouton

Grade 1

Mrs Victoria Newman

Grade 2

Ms Lize Uys

Grade 3

Ms Liané Pieterse

Afrikaans (3) / Creative Arts (3) / Life Skills (3)

Foundation Phase (Gr.4-6)

Ms Anika Le Roux

Natural Science (4-5) / PSW (4-6) / Maths (4)

Mr Phillip Boonzaaier

Maths (5-6) / Natural Science (6) / Social Science (5) / Afrikaans (6) / PE (4-6)

Ms Jamie-Lee Brown

English (4-7)

High School Teachers

Junior High (Gr. 7–9) & Senior High (Gr. 10–12)

Mrs Margot Saliem

Digital Skills (1-3) / CAT (10-12)

Mr Ruan Wolmarans

Afrikaans (4-7) / Social Science (4-6)

Mrs Tamsyn Van Wyk

Physics (10-12) / Natural Science (7-8) / Maths (9)

Mrs Lana Barends

Natural Science (9) / Life Science (10-12)

Mrs Jana Van Zyl

Business Studies (10-12) / EMS (7-9)

Mrs Chrystal Fredericks

Maths (8) / Tech (7-9) / Social Science (7) / Maths Lit (11-12) / Maths (7)

Mr Nick Fortuin

Maths (10-12)

Mrs Lucille Green

English (8-12)

Mrs Chloe Van Der Merwe

Design (11-12) / Social Science (7-9) / Creative Arts (7-9)

Ms Simone Sevenster

Afrikaans (8-12)

Admin Staff

Ms Natasha Millward

Front Office, Admin and Reception

Mr Tyron Cerqueira

Information Technology

Mrs Elvena Petersen

Accounts and Finance Department